Finally A Scientific Report on Sugar I Agree with

May 18, 2011

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh conducted a study around the premise that if people think about eating something they will end up actually eating less of that food. For a summary and more details go to http://www.cmu.edu/homepage/health/2010/fall/sweet-satisfaction.shtml

I have been preaching this idea for years when I am asked why many pastry chefs aren’t heavy. Pastry chefs surrounded by chocolate pudding cakes, strawberry tarts or the equivalent think about consuming these sweets but when they look back over their day they realize they just thought about it and didn’t actually end up putting a spoon to their lips. When I told people this they were skeptical but now I have scientific proof.

Now if we could only have to think about losing weight rather than go to the gym or eat more veggies that would be a real scientific breakthrough.

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