Eat your Veggies and Eat your Dessert

February 9, 2011

After a day scooping sugar and weighing chocolate, unless I am not going out to one of the many great restaurants in the city, I want a healthy low fat dinner. I need it too as I find myself nibbling on cookie dough and pieces of 70% chocolate. Frequently I take some soup always stashed in my freezer.  About once a month I make a big pot of it and freeze it in quart containers. It’s ready whenever. Quick and easy. For variety I always try to have a couple of different kinds on hand.

However with this beautiful weather I haven’t been in the mood for soup. My new standby is a bowl of brown or white rice, some dahl and a couple of vegetables.

The veggies are what make it so good. Perhaps it is because I am opening and closing the oven door all day and I am in oven mode, I don’t cook them on the stove top.

I lightly coat the vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper, put them in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and convection bake at 400 degrees (425 for a non convection oven) until they are crispy and browned on the edges.  Sometimes I add garlic or fresh herbs and last night I added some diced pork jowl from Boccalone.

I cook cauliflower, broccoli rabe, carrots, butternut squash, mushrooms, and even peas this way. Kale, Swiss chard, baby spinach leaves work too, but you have to stir frequently so they don’t dry out. I cut them small so they cook quickly.

With the oven method I get the bonus of not having to clean the stove top. Eating steamed veggies is boring and bland; sauteeing in better, but baked is the best.

I feel that if I eat lots of veggies then I can have dessert. How do you like your veggies?


  1. I like my veggies roasted on high temp. drizzled w/a little olive oil, salt, pepper and sometimes herbs de provence.
    Lately, I have been roasting them in a dutch oven. Two words: tender and sweet.

  2. I like veggies in salad for lunch … and my favorite? If I don’t say so myself, my green beans should be famous. They are in my family 🙂 I cook them in grapeseed oil, with garlic … and at the perfect moment, add caramelized shallots, slivered almonds and salt. And just when beautifully green and still crip, transfer to a beautiful dish and add fresh lemon juice. Simple and magic.

    When the weather is cold, I enjoy cooking artichoke in a pressure cooker. Also magic.

    Thanks for your posts – and all you do. You are an inspiration. And most of all? Thank you for your generosity to Make-A-Wish. You are a goddess!

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