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January 6, 2011

I try to keep up on baking and dessert news in cyberland but it can be a full time job reading the endless number of blogs. Every time I google “dessert blogs” a new one pops up. If I read even half of them I would never get away from my computer and have time to actually bake let alone go to the gym, clean the house or cook dinner.

Trained pastry chefs as well as home bakers write blogs. I am impressed by how much time those who bake as a hobby spend on their blogs. Some of them are beautifully photographed and well written.

I enjoy reading blogs from my pastry colleagues as I get to keep up with what they are all doing without calling them. It’s an easy way out I admit but it works.

There are several blogs by both novices and professionals that I check out regularly. I have this list in my favorites folder. When I have a free minute at the end of the day I start clicking.

Alice Medrich- www.alicemedrich.blogspot.com

Anita Chu- www.dessertfirst.typepad.com

Lisa Yockelson- www.BakingStyleDiary.com

David Lebovitz- www.davidlebovitz.com

New York City desserts-www.dessertbuzz.com

King Arthur Flour- http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog

Dorie Greenspan-www.doriegreenspan.com

I know I am probably missing some great dessert blogs. What are your favorites I should add to my list?


  1. Thank you for the yummy list of food blogs. xo

  2. They’re not all dessert and baking but I love Chez Pim and Smitten Kitchen . I made Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake for New Year’s and it was much swooned over.

  3. The other food blogs I follow are not all desserts, however, excellent ingredients are used,and the photography is artful. Many food bloggers are very very serious about their craft.
    tarteletteblog.com (interesting bio).

  4. Emily, It’s an honor to learn that you stop by and read DessertBuzz. I’ll definitely try and stop in next time I’m in San Francisco and try some of your latest creations.

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