Breakfast Food?

August 5, 2010

I was getting off a plane last week and I could smell the Cinnabons before I got off the gateway and into the terminal. (No, it wasn’t SFO.) Maybe it was the jet fumes wrecking havoc with my brain but they smelled good. It was kind of scary but I had to try one. I knew I would be disappointed but it’s been a couple of decades since I had one and my curiosity got the better of me.  Could that warm cinnamon sugar aroma taste that bad?

My excitement ended quickly. It did taste pretty awful. It was way too sweet and at the same time bland. I got a sugar rush and my teeth hurt after the first bite. It was so big I almost offered to share it with the man and woman in line behind me.

When I got home I looked up the calorie count online and it weighs in at 730 calories. Thank goodness I didn’t finish it. It got me to thinking about what many Americans eat for breakfast. Lots of white flour.

Yes, my world is made of sugar and fat and my desserts are not for the calorie shy. I am not a fat free gal. But my portion sizes aren’t as big and I don’t serve the stuff for breakfast. With a normal amount of daily calories if you eat a Cinnabon for breakfast your fat allotment for the rest of the day is miniscule. 

Perhaps it is not fair of me to pick on the Cinnabon but it is the quintessential example of what is bad about breakfast food. Many people think they are eating healthy if they have a fresh baked pastry or a bowl of low fat but high sugar cereal.  Even if it is made with good organic ingredients and no preservatives a muffin or a scone is still up there calorically. You might as well have a piece of cake for breakfast but that would seem crazy and indulgent.

I am not saying we should never eat blueberry muffins or buttery scones but like all desserts they should be in moderation. Several times a week have whole wheat toast or a multigrain cereal with yogurt.  I am much more apt to stick to better eating habits if I start the day without having too much flour and sugar. Also if breakfast is going to sustain me until lunch I need to add some protein to those carbs. Other cultures eat smoked or pickled fish. As long as you don’t try to pair it with coffee it’s good.

Anything is better than a cinnamon roll that’s practically the size of your head.


  1. I often am enticed by the warm sweet spices of those buns too. This post is a good reminder that homemade is the way to go. Your teeth were probably tingly from the high corn syrup content. Oy!

  2. I avoid cinnabons because it’s just way too much sugar. I have a sweet tooth to be sure, but have learned to make it worthwhile when I indulge.

    We recently found a new cupcake bakery nearby and thought we’d be in trouble since it is so close but after trying some of their wares decided that they were too sweet, with too much icing. That’s a good thing because now it’ll be easier to stay away.

    My favorite breakfast is old fashioned cheerios which are low in sugar and fat but good in fiber and carbs. Add some fresh fruit (blueberries and peaches preferably) and your day starts out great!

  3. Those buns are way too sweet. When I’ve tried one, I thought I should be driving to my Dentist. I tend not to like too sweet of a breakfast, and save something sweet for an evening dessert. 🙂

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